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Commercial Dog Waste Stations for Public Areas

Encourage responsible pet ownership with these durable, commercial-grade poop bag dispensers. These high-quality, high-capacity dog waste stations are perfect for parks, dog runs, and HOAs that allow dogs on their property. These dispensers are available in a wide range of stock colors and custom colors as well.

Help keep your park or public area clean - buy commercial-grade dog waste stations and refill dog waste bags from!

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007  5-Dial Combination Padlock 074 Mini Case of BLACK refill bags 074 Mini Case of BLUE refill bags
074 Mini Case of GREEN refill bags 074 Mini Case of PINK refill bags Dispenser Refill Bags-Blue 2,100 Bags
Dispenser Refill Bags-Blue Powder Scent 4,200 Dispenser Refill Bags-Green unscented 4,270 Park Dispenser - Black
Park Dispenser - Black
Our Price: $269.00
Park Dispenser - Chocolate Park Dispenser - Forest Green Park Dispenser - Granite
Park Dispenser - Chocolate
Our Price: $269.00
Park Dispenser - Granite
Our Price: $269.00
Park Dispenser - Jade Park Dispenser - Marlin Blue Park Dispenser - Mocha
Park Dispenser - Jade
Our Price: $269.00
Park Dispenser - Mocha
Our Price: $269.00
Park Dispenser - Red Park Dispenser - Terra Cotta
Park Dispenser - Red
Our Price: $269.00