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Dog Poop Bags and Waste Bag Capsules from Doggie Walk Bags

Picking up after your pooch is quick and easy with secure, tie-handled dog waste bags from Doggie Walk Bags! Our popular dog poop bags are available in both baby-scented and unscented models; choose between our flat-folded and pop-up boxed bags for maximum value, while our capsule-packed bags are easy to carry in your pocket or purse!

Tired of dog waste bags that are tough to tie up? Shop here for scented and unscented easy-close tie-handled dog poop bags!

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Tie Handle Bags - Box of 25 Folded Bags Tie Handle Bags - Box of 70 Pop Up Bags Tie Handle Bags - Package of 35 Flat Folded Bags
Bag of 35 Capsules Tie Handle Bags - Bag of 5 Capsules Tie handle Bags-140 Green Unscented
Bag in a capsule Fake Dog Nuisance Leash Luggage-Red
Fake Dog Nuisance
Our Price: $4.95
Leash Luggage-Red
Our Price: $12.95
Leash Luggage-Blue Leash Luggage-Purple Tie Handle Bag Zoo Keeper - 35 folded blue powder scented bags
Leash Luggage-Blue
Our Price: $12.95
Leash Luggage-Purple
Our Price: $12.95
Cross Body Bag - Coral Cross Body Bag -Yellow Cross Body Bag - Seafoam
Cross Body Bag - Coral
Our Price: $23.90
Cross Body Bag -Yellow
Our Price: $23.90
Cross Body Bag - Seafoam
Our Price: $23.90
Cross Body Bag - Gray Cross Body Bag - Black Dispenser Refill Bags-Blue Powder Scent 4,200
Cross Body Bag - Gray
Our Price: $23.90
Cross Body Bag - Black
Our Price: $23.90
Dispenser Refill Bags-Blue 2,100 Bags Tie Handle Bags - Box of 70 PINK Pop Up Bags